Puccini´s "La Bohème" at Bredeweg festival

On kings night, april 26 at 9.30 pm, our students performed in a short version of "La Bohème" at Bredeweg Festival. Rehearsals lasted only ten days. Due to the weather the performance could not take place in the street, but moved to the Hofkerk.

stage direction: Alexander Oliver
conductor: Leonardo Sini
orchestra: NedPhoGo
choir: members of the DNO choir

Rodolpho: Elmar Gilbertson 
Mimi: Jeannette van Schaik
Colline: Kazuma Goto
Marcello: David Visser
Musetta: Laetitia Gerards
Schaunard: Jasper Lever
Alcindoro: Roele Kok

Pictures above by Jozef Gerards